Straight Teeth in Only 6 Months!

Many adults who are unhappy with the appearance of their smile don’t pursue the straight teeth they've always wanted because they don't have two years or more to spend in traditional braces. Metal bars and brackets are distracting and uncomfortable, and they can be difficult to fit into personal and professional schedules. With Six Month Smiles® short-term orthodontics, Drs. Johnson and Bush are helping patients in Flint, Michigan achieve the smiles of their dreams in less time than they ever thought possible. You could be next!


6 Month Smiles Braces: The Basics

6 Month Smiles uses clear or tooth-colored brackets and thin, barely noticeable wires to subtly reposition your teeth. Most people won't even notice that you're wearing braces, but they will definitely notice your straight teeth afterwards! In addition to the convenience of less noticeable brackets, the treatment time for 6 Month Smiles is drastically reduced. As the name suggests, the average case falls between just 4 and 9 months! But don’t let the short treatment time fool you: 6 Month Smiles braces move teeth with careful precision and low force, which means they’re usually more comfortable traditional braces, too.

The Benefits of 6 Month Smiles Braces

6 Month Smiles focuses only on the teeth that show when you smile – what dentists call "the aesthetic zone." Because they are not meant to make significant changes to your bite or jaw alignment, they're faster than regular braces and require fewer visits to your dentist. They’re also lighter and require less preparation, which can lower the risk of damage to your teeth and roots. 6 Month Smiles braces even tend to cost less, and we offer a variety of convenient payment options that can help you finance your new smile.

Studies have shown that a healthy and attractive smile boosts your self-confidence and even helps you make better first impressions on others. Most adults age 15 and older are candidates for Six Month Smiles, so you've got every reason to ask us about your options!

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